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Welcome to IBMI

Immanuel Baptist Ministries of India
(A Ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church)

"BRETHREN, MY Heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved." Romans 10:1.

Pastor. Sudhir Mondithoka,Director of I.B.M.I.
(Independent Fundamental Pre-millennial)
Ramanagaram, PUTRELA Post.
(Via) Kambhampadu, Vissannapeta Mandal
Krishna District, A.P. Pin 521 227


God saved Pastor Sudhir in 1980 and filled his heart with burden for thepoor, perishing and ignorant Indians. He married Pushpa Kumari in 1983 and together with his wife, travelledextensively, went deep in to the interior, preached to the tribals in their language and enlarged his boundariesin to the towns and the Cities. Work began at just one place spread over to more than 30 places.The ministry survived through lots of persecution, opposition and financial hardships besides personal and family problems,sickness and financial difficulties.

INDIA India-"the land of the "Hindus" known for its centuries of idolatry,mysticism and pantheism' -badly itneeds a savior Jesus' a setting-christian and a book - 'Bible' without which it is doomed for eternaldamnation. A museum of races, a nation with a variety of religions,diverse languages, ethnic groups andcultures- India lives in it's past.Social evils such as caste, communalism,religionasim and linguism have shown their ugly face throughout. Poverty, illiteracy, corruption, un-employment, exploitation and black marketeering have torn the Nation. India continues to stick on to it's blind traditions,age-old Customs and superstetions. Even development that you see in a a very few urban pockets is full of contrasts. You see a cluster of multi-storeyed buildings with huts adjacent to them.

IBMI Soon this humble ministry spread far and wide into the outskirts of the adjacent "states" and tookshape as a formal,registered Church ministry named,(I.B.M.I- Independent, Fundamental, Pre-Millennial,1611 KJV, Bible-believing Baptist Ministry.)"Immanuel Baptist Ministries of India".

VISION To reach the un reached to preach Christ and win them over, by all conceivable means.

  • 1.To Win the lost for Christ.
  • 2.To baptize the saved and attach them to a localchurch.
  • 3.To preach and to teach the Sound Doctrine and train the emerging leaders.
  • 4.To help believers worship and grow.
  • 5.To raise leaders and send them out from the local church and support them.


Plot no:19 C.B.I Colony
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Pin 500 070
Phone: 040 4026336

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For Prayers and PreachingContact PastorDr.M.Sudhir
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